vt_resize.php – image_resize deprecated

Wordpress 3.5 is here and those who are using the great Victor Teixeira image resize script some warnings might have appeared on your WordPress installation. The image_resize function is still working, but deprecated (in favor of the “wp_get_image_editor” function). This means that it should stop working someday.

I took a look into the code and found a way to replace the old function. The first thing to do is search for the “image_resize” string and comment that line of code (just like shown on the first line of the code below). Then insert the following lines of code:

//$new_img_path = image_resize( $file_path, $width, $height, $crop, NULL, NULL, 100 );
$editor = wp_get_image_editor( $file_path );
if ( is_wp_error( $editor ) )
return $editor;
$editor->set_quality( 100 );
$resized = $editor->resize( $width, $height, $crop );
$dest_file = $editor->generate_filename( NULL, NULL );
$saved = $editor->save( $dest_file );
if ( is_wp_error( $saved ) )
return $saved;

This will keep this script working perfectly for the next 30 years! Well, maybe not that long…

Edit: in the meantime I have made some changes and adjustments to the script. One of the things that I did was adding the retina images option. If true this option will serve images and scale them to 50% of their size so that they look good on retina devices.

You can find the latest version of the script here: https://gist.github.com/Pirenko/6734d0689b3629cd370f

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on vt_resize.php – image_resize deprecated.
  1. Victor Teixeira

    Hi, just saw your post… Glad you updated my old function… Thanks

  2. Jacob Ross

    Super cool.. I was just reading through this function and here is the guy who wrote it. Thanks, Victor

  3. -

    Thanks for updating the function. This is what I was looking for.

  4. -

    It is now the year 2014 bordering on 2015, and I\’ve found that vt_resize works perfectly for me, are there any known issues with using it at this time?

    • Pirenko

      I\’m still using it on all of my themes. I\’ve made some edits in the meantime and I have added just a link to a Gist if you are interested. You will find this link on the bottom of the article just above.

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