Changing Custom Post Types Order

This is an old request that I get a lot of times on my themes. Usually posts are ordered by date so all you have to do is change their date. This might not be the solution, because sometimes you want to display the correct date on the frontend (and for some reason you want another posts order).

If this is the case I recommend this plugin:

Edit*: I have discovered this one too (it seems to be a bit more flexible and easy to use):
I made a small video to guide you on this.

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on Changing Custom Post Types Order.
  1. Kuko

    Hi, how can I add video to my website? I use Samba Theme but not showing youtube videos when I added video link to Image/Video 2 Box.

  2. Curtis

    Your videos are ALWAYS helpful. And what I particularly like about them is that they are straightforward without a lot of unnecessary comments or information.

    • Pirenko

      Thank you for the kind comments Curtis (:

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