Creating a Google Maps API Key

There’s a requirement for using Google Maps and other Geolocation features in our websites. Since June 22, 2016 we need to have a Google Maps API Key to be able to use these features. At this moment, there’s a free plan that should be good for most of the websites, but if you get a (really!) large number of visitors you may need to subscribe a premium plan. You can read more about this here

The small video tutorial above will show you all the steps that you need to follow. To access the Google Maps API Key console please follow this link (you need to have/create a Google account):

After generating this key and if you are using one of my themes, please go to the Contact Page tab of the theme options to place your API Key. If you are using another WordPress Theme or even a different CMS system, please get in touch with the developer to know where you should place your API Key.


If you still can’t see the Maps please open the browser console and look for the Javascript Error console. Here are some of the most common errors and how to fix them:

1) – This means that the maps script is being loaded, but the key is not being passed. If you are using my WordPress Themes you can add this key under Theme Options>Contact page tab. If you are using another theme you should reach the theme author. If you are coding by yourself please check here

2) – If you see this error please go to API Manager>Enable API select Google Maps JavaScript API and then select the option ENABLE.

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    Good morning I created the API key according to this guide. Unfortunately after adding this key to the HOOK theme I still see this message “ops something went wrong”. Help 🙂

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