WCEU Paris: I Love You

Saturday evening… A beautiful and poetic sunset in Paris. I’m currently heading home (Portugal) and I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the whole WordCamp experience. When you have a low expectation about an event and it turns out to be great, it takes some time to settle down. In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to share the experience here.

Here’s the quick story: arrived in Paris Thursday at lunch time and had a great time with a friend that started working with me 5 years ago. We haven’t met before so this was a great opportunity to finally be together. Later that day I have attended an Envato staff and authors meeting which went really well. We exchanged some ideas about the present and shared our concerns and ideas for the future. We (authors) hope that our message arrives to Australia safe and sound – fingers crossed!

It was not all about work though… We had some beers and “connected” with each other and it is really cool (and strange!) to see the faces behind the avatars. This event was my main reason for visiting Paris and at that moment I was already satisfied with the result my trip to Paris.

This is how Le 153 looks like. Pretty cool, huh?

Next day I attended WCEU and since early I had this strange feeling of being at home. Surrounded by people that work in the same industry and understand exactly what we do is a great feeling for a change. I always find a bit hard to explain what I do, specially when I work remotely for all over the world and my work is something that you can’t hold with your hands.

In general I loved all the talks that I attended and the cool thing is that they were diverse enough to don’t become boring and repetitive. Matt Mullenweg’s interview was great and I can’t wait to test the new content editor: Gutenberg!

The 2 days felt like a breeze and on Friday evening I had a great time again… This time we had fun on a party sponsored by Freemius where I was able to meet more people and chat about work and life in general. The diversity of people and cultures that moves around WordPress is wonderful and the sense of being a part of a global community makes everything much better.

I feel refreshed and I have a lot of new ideas that I can’t wait to implement. I encourage everyone to attend at least one WordCamp event, because it is truly a wonderful opportunity for everyone that is somehow connected with WordPress.

In alphabetical order – Ben, Chris, James, Jason, Michael, Raitis and Xaver: I hope you have enjoyed the time we spent together as much as I did. Hope we can have another great time next year. Bring it on WordCamp 2018!

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on WCEU Paris: I Love You.
  1. -

    Hi Severo,

    It was fantastic meeting you at WordCamp Paris, great to put a face to the name!

    Hope to catch up with you again

    • Pirenko

      Hey Chris,
      I’m pretty sure that we’ll catch up again. In the meantime I checked your website https://herothemes.com/ which looks really good.
      Keep up the good work 🙂

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