A Little About Me

Stealing unawares upon the whale in the fancied security of the middle of solitary seas, you find him unbent from the vast corpulence of his dignity, and kitten-like, he plays on the ocean as if it were a hearth.

But still you see his power in his play. The broad palms of his tail are flirted high into the air; then smiting the surface.

Photoshop 75%
Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%


Some Of My Skills

Nearer and nearer to the island she came until at last she remained at rest before the largest, which was directly opposite her throne.


Video Edition

Now the queen moved. She raised her ugly head, looking about; then very slowly she crawled to the edge of her throne and slid noiselessly inside.

Clean Coding

The water rose to the girl's knees, and still she advanced, chained by that clammy eye. Now the water was at her waist and got featured.

Gaming Apps

Slowly the reptile's head commenced to move to and fro, but the eyes never ceased to bore toward the frightened girl, and then he responded.

Beta Testing

Her fellows upon the island looked on in horror, helpless to avert her doom in which they saw a forecast of their own. She just loved the idea.


Get In Touch

There were one or two cartloads of people. We went out to look, and there were clouds of smoke to the south.