Gutenberg: My thoughts and theme compatibility

Gutenberg, codename for the new WordPress content editor, is here. Pros and cons have been endlessly debated and, right or wrong, it is here to stay. In my opinion it is a step in the right direction and a much needed improvement on the WordPress Classic Editor. According to Matt Mullenweg, “the editor will create a new page and post-building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has blocks to make it easy”.

Why all the fuss?

Since the initial release it has suffered massive changes and improvements. And honestly, I think that most of the frustration over the last 18 months had to do with the big changes and shifts that were introduced on Gutenberg. It seems to be much more stable now and I feel confident that custom features and coding aren’t going to be broken on every WordPress update. Actually, I’m hoping that nothing get’s broken on any WordPress update 😅

Theme Compatibility

With this said, how are my WordPress themes going to handle the new content editor? Basically, it is going to be supported by all themes, but there’s a significant difference between existing themes and new themes. On existing themes I’m going to make sure that it is possible to edit content using the new editor, but I’m still recommending content edition using the usual method (most of my themes have WPBakery for this). The logic of the new editor is so different that it would require rebuilding all the logic behind the content output and, in the end, you’ll still get the same output on the website frontend. So, if you have one of my themes installed, please make sure that you have the latest theme and bundled plugins versions and you’ll be fine. As usual, if you need help with something please head to

What about new themes? How are they going to handle Gutenberg? I haven’t decided yet, but probably I’m going to fully embrace Gutenberg and use the new content editor as the default “page builder” for all pages and custom post types. Even if I decide to use a page builder like WPBakery Page Builder or Elementor, I’m going to fine tune and add options all the default Gutenberg elements to make sure that you can integrate them with my themes flawlessly.

Still not a fan of Gutenberg?

Just a final remark: if you really don’t like the new content editor you can install the “Classic Editor” plugin to reactivate seamlessly the WordPress Classic editor. You can do this with any version (old or new) of any of my themes. You can get it here

If you have any feedback on these thoughts or on the new WordPress content editor, please send me a message using the contact form below. I would love to hear from you.

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