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SaaS stands for Software as a Service and it is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Spotsy – Monetize Your Instagram – is powered by WordPress and I decided to follow this approach to have full control over the features available. I also wanted to make the onboard process really quick and easy which would not be possible if the software was distributed, because it will have to be installed.

What is

It is a web service that allows any Instagram user to create a website in less than 5 minutes. Besides having immediately a fully customizable and cool website, users will be able to make money by adding links to their Instagram posts.
On the most basic configuration this website will have only one page with a brief user description on the header, Instagram posts with custom info and links and a footer with some basic info an optional Mailchimp subscribe form. This is the free plan structure and, to honor its own name, this plan is 100% free ☺️
On paid plans users can basically add blogging and e-commerce features, but there’s a lot more among the premium features. If you are interested (and I hope you are!), you can check it ou here

Why I decided to build it?

I’ve been developing WordPress themes since 2012. I’m also doing custom work for local and remote clients pretty much since I started. Fortunately, I’m not tired of doing it, but 2 or 3 years ago I started thinking that I wanted to try different ways of doing online business.
So, I began writing ideas for web services every time they came to my head or when a customer asked for a feature that wasn’t available yet.
Considering Instagram’s popularity, the idea behind seemed the most appealing.

What are my expectations?

With all the time that has been invested so far, I really hope that people actually start using it and find it useful. After months of development, today is basically “day 1” and I’m keen on getting some feedback from real users.
The more I read about this type of software/projects, the more I see that it is really hard to be successful. I know that there’s a tough road ahead, but I’m confident that the journey will be gratifying!

I’ll be writing more about this project in the next weeks. Any feedback is welcome so please use the form below if you have any comments or questions about this.

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